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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

3ds - Not Trivial

I've run into a couple of difficulties with this latest 3ds endeavor. First and foremost has been a lack of time. I stay fairly busy with my regular job, and I stay fairly busy with my life at home. The second problem I've run into is a matter of debugging the 3ds library from sourceforge. I decided it would be advantageous to be able to step through the code as I attempt to integrate it into my project, so I added all of the source files in the library to my Visual Studio project. Unfortunately, some of the files in the library conflict with names in my project. For instance, I have a camera class that outputs a camera.obj file, but so does this 3ds library. The solution I have come up with for now is just to link to the binary .lib file I compiled out of the 3ds library files. Sadly, it means I'm not able to step through the code of the library, but I'm at least able to call the functions it provides. I'm making progress, but it's slow. Just keeping you faithful readers posted. :)


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