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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

OpenGL Scene Editor - Ray Tracer

When I began rewriting my ray tracer, I decided the first order of business was to create an interactive scene editor. A few years ago I purchased a copy of the OpenGL Programming Guide, thinking I would someday get into some serious OpenGL. That day came when I decided I needed my scene editor. Another decision I made at that point was to forego any visual component layout managers and use pure Win32 API calls. There are times I regret having done that, because my work really has been cut out for me. But I've been glad at times because I have become much more familiar with the windows programming API. Using my scene editor, I'm able to open model files I downloaded from the BYU Computer Science Department. Using the mouse, I can interactively rotate, scale, and translate all of my scene objects. Doing so, I am able to compose scenes that are much more complex (and interesting) than my original ray tracer. I created menu options to create spheres, simple point light sources, and cameras (currently, my ray tracer only supports rendering from the perspective of the first camera in the scene). I also created a tool window for modifying the properties of each scene object. The controls on the tool window are dynamically displayed based on what type of object you select with the mouse. Now I'll post some scene editor screenshots. Tools for modifying a polygon group Tools for modifying a sphere


At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats really good! well done!
ive been tryin to create something similar using C/C++ but im struggling... :( if you wouldnt mind could i have a look at your code?
thx. james


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