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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

History - Part 1

3DDDA SkullTo the right you will see an image I rendered using my very first ray tracer ever. It was called "Project 4", as it was the fourth project I wrote for CS 455 at BYU (Go Cougars!). I just now rendered that image in "Project 4" on my laptop, which is a Pentium III - 1.0 GHz machine, with 256 MB of RAM. The process took 2:07 of CPU time (from now on, I will refer only to CPU time, unless otherwise stated; if you don't know what that means, drop me an email). I don't know whether you're impressed by that or not, but for the sake of comparison, I loaded that same simple skull scene into Warwis3D (the program to which this page is dedicated) and the scene was rendered in just over 1 second! Now that's improvement! (Side note: Years ago, when I first wrote "Project 4", I created a web page on which I laid out a handful of renders along with how long it took to render each one. They were all rendered on my old Pentium III - 450 MHz named Ruth, which now belongs to my parents. The page uses terms like "anti-aliasing," "3DDDA" and "beauty." If you don't know what those mean, be sure to keep tuning in to this blog; I'm sure I'll define them on here eventually. At any rate, to see that page, click here: 3DDDA Final Project.) Ok, folks. So as to hold your interest, I'll end this post. (Who likes reading paragraph after paragraph online? This is the age of high speed and low attention span.) I'll be back, though, with more exciting history of what will someday be considered historic: Warwis3D. Coming up next time: Why I am still working on what was originally just another project for school. Stay tuned!


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